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It is 1601 and Queen Elizabeth I is an ageing and heirless monarch, with many people coveting her throne.


After a failed uprising by her former Favourite Robert Devereux (The Earl of Essex), she has little option but to sign his death warrant.


This breaks her heart in two, and many people fear that she will starve through a lack of love.


At this very time however, one man (William Shakespeare), claims the food of love be MUSIC and so in a last ditch bid to heal her pain, The Queen commissions The Bard to “Play On” giving him just ONE DAY and ONE NIGHT to write the Worlds first Musical!


After struggling with severe writers block, ancient instruments and inept musicians and with his deadline fast approaching, The Bard is suddenly dealt a lifeline, when in a Bizarre twist of fate, The Beatles are transported into his life and times.


Now, with access to The Greatest Rock n Roll band in the World, he has a chance. A chance to mend the Queen's broken heart and along the way, form the greatest collaboration that the World would ever see!


A Bard Days Night could be construed as a mere musical celebration of five working class heroʼs who shook the Globe, however it is more than that. Amongst the comedy and FAB original score (including Shakespeareʼs sonnets, Verses and songs put to Beatles style music), lies a story both informative and factual, an examination of genius, but above all else it is a reminder that...


“We are such stuff as dreams are made on...and our little life is rounded with a sleep!”


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